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Went to the Lilac Festival today with Katy and Chuckie today. It was so damn fun! We wandered aimlessly around but it was fun. I picked up a pair of outhouse earrings. Yes, you heard me correct. I have a pair of sterling silver outhouse earrings, there is a tiny lil man inside reading a newspaper that falls out if you open the tiny door and tilt your head to the side. It's so detailed! And so damn me and my sense of humor. And I also got a belt buckle. It's a spin on the mud flap chick. She's a punk chick with a mohawk, bondage boots, a collar and a bangle on her wrist. It's so damn sexy! Gonna get the belt part for it next week.
Yep, doing the Lilac Festival again next week. We didn't get to be there as long or see as much as we wanted to.
I had a smoothie at the festival that I know I'm gonna get next week too. Heh I'm so excited.
Oi! I almost forgot! We went to Wal-Mart before the festival and I got two new t-shirts. Both are little boys' t-shirts that look so cute on me. One is a orange soccer shirt that says offense on the back where the last name is supposed to be and the other is a plain camouflage shirt, I had been looking for one for the longest time. Oooh and I also got a new charm for my charm bracelet, a dragon that reminds me of Katy, 'cause she collects and draws dragons and I also got a lock and key charm as well.
That's all for now I guess.


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May. 17th, 2005 12:20 am (UTC)
Hey I was there too with friends, you should've told me you were going so we could've met up!
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