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I almost cried laughing...

Guess it's come to this...

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I've become private and I want things to stay that way.
Friends Only since July 15, 2005

PS. Mad Props to ashleysteilen for making this. And Kurt for drawing it.

"Yo yo yo!
Wow. That sounded bad. I am so white."- Kelly Clarkson


Life doesn't always make sense.
Actually let me rephrase that.
Needless violence never makes sense.
Homophobia kills.

Yes I know, things most of us have been hearing forever. But it cuts a little closer to home.

On New Years Eve a young man named James was at the mall getting last minute items for a party with his boyfriend. They shopped for a bit, holding hands and doing normal couple stuff. They weren't afraid, they loved each other. James received a kiss from his boyfriend then they parted ways. Some ignorant people happened to witness this and followed James, going out of their way to stop him...
I don't know what happened next but I do know the end result... James was found beaten to death by these thoughtless people who seen something they didn't understand or like so they thought they would destroy it.
James died from trauma to the head and bleeding of the brain. He was declared DOA, dead on arrival.

I knew James through my Role-Play group Blood and Chocolate. He was a very sweet person. Always the type to ask how people were and to say "hi". When I was depressed for a bit and I wasn't on-line for over a week, James was the first person to IM me and ask what was going on. He always asked how Bryce was doing and if the people at my job were still hassling me.
It's still hard to think of him as gone. I keep thinking that I'll get to talk to him again, that he'll pop on and say it was all a joke.
But it isn't. Homophobia isn't a joke. Neither is death.
2007 is a new year. Let acceptance and love open your mind.
Hug your friends and tell them how much you love them today because you never know what's going to happen the next day.

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Rest in Peace James
A very interesting little story I snagged off one of the communities I'm in.
It's the story of Baby X. The baby who is no gender. Just X.

Just some interesting trivia...

There are more 25,000 McDonald's restaurants in over 115 countries. McDonald's has actually been remarkably responsive to the local cultures: they offer "ayran" (a popular chilled yogurt drink) in Turkey; McLaks (a grilled salmon sandwich) in Norway, and teriyaki burgers in Japan. In New Delhi, India, where Hindus shun beef and Muslims refuse pork, the burgers are made of mutton and called Maharaja Macs. And if you're vegetarian, as many strict Hindus are, there's the McAloo Tikki burger, a spicy vegetarian patty made of potatoes and peas.

I wonder how a McLak tastes...

Quiz I stole from Alita

What is your name?: Randi
What's your screename?: drkstravndrm, thedandyone, peachflavrdrandi
Would you name a child of yours after you?: Nope I've had a hell of a time with my name.
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: Jarrod, or so my mother tells me.
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?: I like my name even after it all...
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?: Randy
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: Hell yesRead more...Collapse )

Pics by DuctTapeResidue aka Katy!

Cool pics taken by Katy at the Lilac Festival!Read more...Collapse )

May. 29th, 2005

I've changed my icons. Be amused.


And another day passes...

The week went by quick as hell, I'm surprised it is sunday again. Well damn the man, I must go to work again tomorrow. But today I am off!

Got a nickname at work from one of my fave contractors. He's a really neat guy, old enough to be my dad. He calls me, "Precious Evil". It's cause he says he can tell under that sweet lil smile I always have there is a wicked side. That I could supposedly be cruel if I wanted to be.
*grin* How'd he know?
No seriously.
Um, just a random jotting down of random thoughts and things. Excuse me for I am Randi, most loveable.
Um, yeah. Going now.


Went to the Lilac Festival today with Katy and Chuckie today. It was so damn fun! We wandered aimlessly around but it was fun. I picked up a pair of outhouse earrings. Yes, you heard me correct. I have a pair of sterling silver outhouse earrings, there is a tiny lil man inside reading a newspaper that falls out if you open the tiny door and tilt your head to the side. It's so detailed! And so damn me and my sense of humor. And I also got a belt buckle. It's a spin on the mud flap chick. She's a punk chick with a mohawk, bondage boots, a collar and a bangle on her wrist. It's so damn sexy! Gonna get the belt part for it next week.
Yep, doing the Lilac Festival again next week. We didn't get to be there as long or see as much as we wanted to.
I had a smoothie at the festival that I know I'm gonna get next week too. Heh I'm so excited.
Oi! I almost forgot! We went to Wal-Mart before the festival and I got two new t-shirts. Both are little boys' t-shirts that look so cute on me. One is a orange soccer shirt that says offense on the back where the last name is supposed to be and the other is a plain camouflage shirt, I had been looking for one for the longest time. Oooh and I also got a new charm for my charm bracelet, a dragon that reminds me of Katy, 'cause she collects and draws dragons and I also got a lock and key charm as well.
That's all for now I guess.

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